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Abszolút szolmizációs rendszer - Segít a kottaolvasásban

Attila László’s solfeggio system

What are the benefits of the new absolute solfeggio system (“absol”)?

  • It helps to learn music sight reading
  • Music sight reading becomes more secure through inner hearing of the notes.
  • It might help to develop perfect ear.
  • The rudiments of the system can be mastered in a few weeks.
  • It is always at hand, you can practice it anywhere and without a musical instrument. You can use it “in ones head”.
  • The system can be used on any levels, and any musical style, i.e. jazz, pop rock…

How does it work?

The names of the easily singable notes work as a kind of “code”.

For whom is „absol” system useful?

It helps practicing musicians at any level to achieve self confident playing on their instruments. (guitar players, singers, piano players etc.)

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There is a DVD supplement to this publication.
You can order it online too.

The main elements of the DVD:

  • Reviewing film
  • Description presenting the solfeggio system and it’s use
  • Collection of examples (examples with sheet music and mp3 supplements)
  • Possibility to download “absol sampler” samples and software to be used with any keyboard or guitar synthesizer to let the software sing the notes using their names

DVD contents

  • Note relations:
    • Intervals
    • Scales
    • Triad arpeggios
  • Excercises:
    • signals
    • easy examples
    • melody development
  • Diverse examples using different musical genres:
    • jazz standards
    • classical music
    • pop music
    • folk music
  • Examples from original compositions

Sample of the DVD:

Price of methodology publication „absol”:

  • Online: 9.90 USD

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